Amazing Images Mirror Photo Booth

Animated Start Screen

The Start Screen is the image your guests see as they walk up to the mirror. The image could be customized to match your theme and color scheme.  We can even create a seating chart for your wedding or gala. We can use your custom logo, product image, engagement or birthday photo or any other image you choose. The possibilities are endless. We have creative designers that can bring your idea to life!

Click to see an example of an animated start screen for a birthday party.

Custom Photo Overlays

The photo overlay is the frame that surrounds your pictures. It serves as an AMAZING keepsake for your guests. Our designers can customize the overlay with your name, date, event title, logo color schemes, or theme.


Sign/Draw/Stamp Feature

This is a unique feature that will show on your actual photo. You and your guests will be able to sign your name, add an emoji or draw a pic directly onto the mirror screen.

*Click the video to view guests using the Sign/Draw/Stamp feature

Print - Text - Email Your Pictures

You may print your photo instantly.

Many guests choose to enter their phone number on the mirror to

receive a text message of their photo sent directly to their cell phone.

This makes is so easy for you to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

*Click the video to see the Print/Text Feature in use

Standard Backdrops/Premium Backdrops and Green Screen Feature

We have a selection of professional backdrops to choose from or if you want to “take your guests somewhere else”, you may want to choose our Green Screen feature.  The Green Screen allows you to create a virtual backdrop of any place your imagination can take you. Would you like to visit the pyramids of Egypt, the bright lights of the Big Apple, the Chicago skyline, mountains, your college or school, the beach in sunny Jamaica, or maybe even the moon and the stars in your backdrop? Well, just tell us your vision and our talented designers can make it happen!

This is just a tiny sample of our

photo overlay designs.

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To view the features in action -  

Click the play button

mirror photo mohawk boy.jpg